Passion bubbles inside of my being.

I can knock things out quickly and well, but when every detail matters, that’s when I really shine. I love sinking my teeth into something complicated and figuring it out using passion, patience, and a plan. 

And alliteration.

I’m creative on and off the clock.

I’m a multi-passionate creative with endless curiosity and optimism about the world which fuels my inspiration every day. If only I could find an off switch...

Taking initiative comes naturally.

Never afraid of a new challenge, I have consistently taken on extra responsibility to help my team, get a project done, and/or make the best impression. I’m always thinking a few steps ahead which has saved clients much money and time.

Mark King (previous president of Adidas North America) believes the most valuable employees in today's world of creativity are passionate about what they do, are highly creative, and takes initiative.

I agree.